Remembering Paris-Roubaix : 1991

Six years after his first triumph in Paris-Roubaix, Marc Madiot did it again in 1991. However, the journey towards this second solo victory in the Hell of the North was all but simple. He remembers the months prior to this victory.

The 1990 season had been very bad for me, and for my brother as well. I had health problems, the issues added up to each other and I went through difficult time privately. I was almost unemployed in early December, I had not found a team. I was starting to wonder about what I could do next. Becoming a sports director had already crossed my mind.

In the end, it got sort out a few days later. Charly Mottet called me to know my situation. I replied that we had nothing with Yvon at this point, and he told me that there was room for us in the R.M.O. team. Despite this difficult time, I could bounce back quite quickly because I always remained a rider in my head. I always remained pretty involved and was then able to get going again. I never really change my approach to cycling. I did my winter preparation with the hope of finding a team and continuing to race.

By the start of 1991 I had become competitive again. I had a good start to the season and placed thirteenth in Paris-Nice, with a seventh place at the top of Mont Faron. A bit later I finished sixth in the Tour of Flanders won by Edwig Van Hooydonck. I knew where I was going. So when I got to Paris-Roubaix a few days later, I was convinced that I was going to be in the mix.