About us


At the beginning of the 1997’s season, thanks to the freshly retired cyclists Marc and Yvon Madiot’s passion, the Équipe cycliste Française des Jeux was born. The year 2018 was a turning point in the team’s history with the arrival of Groupama as new title sponsor. The association of these two major actors of French sports gave birth to the Équipe cycliste Groupama-FDJ. Increased resources and increased ambitions for the formation who also retains its strong family values and spirit. In 27 years, the formation won more than 500 victories in which 14 French national champion jerseys, 3 Monuments of cycling and 38 Grand Tour stages.


If the Équipe cycliste Groupama-FDJ is nowadays capable of competing with the best teams in the world all around the globe, it is mainly because it has conserved its original French-based philosophy and spirit. Great symbol of the attachment to the national flag, the cyclists every year give heart and soul to win the tri-color jersey on which sponsors have accepted not to appear maintaining a true exception in the peloton. In addition, Marc Madiot affirms – through the World Tour and Continental teams – his willing to participate in the most prestigious and historical French races.


Narrowly linked to obtaining great sports results, performance is a major topic of the team’s DNA. Through its Besançon Performance Center and its R&D team working tirelessly for the riders’ shape and equipment, the Équipe cycliste Groupama-FDJ continues to grow and strive for greatness on the technological field without losing sight of its ethical values. Committed since its first days on medical and technological matters, the Équipe cycliste Groupama-FDJ, founding member of the Mouvement pour un Cyclisme Crédible (MPCC) intends to fight firmly for the compliance of the rules.


Like Jérémy Roy, 22 years ago, or Lenny Martinez today, dozens of cyclists were formed, trained and supported by the Équipe cycliste Groupama-FDJ throughout their young years. They were then able to fulfill their dream and participate to the biggest emotions of the team’s history. From the debut of the ‘Cycle Formation’ program elaborated in 2003 with FDJ to 2018 with the arrival of Groupama which permitted the creation of a Continental team and a junior program : the support for tomorrow’s talents, the formation and trust placed in this future generation consists of the main values of Équipe cycliste Groupama-FDJ. Proof of this strong commitment to young riders, the team did not hesitate to bring 7 riders from “La Conti” directly into the WorldTour for the 2023 season.


Loyalty to its title partners, Groupama and FDJ committed until 2024 or Shimano, present for more than 20 years alongside Marc Madiot and the team. Loyalty to the public, to the fans. Loyalty to the sponsors and loyalty to the cyclists… The Groupama-FDJ cycling team has now become a well-executed company with strong human values in which everyone is a key actor and has the power to thrive sportingly as well as humanely.