Disturbed by intestinal problems, Jake Stewart will now take a time out of competition
Jake Stewart will now take a time out of competition, suffering from intestines inflammation requiring treatment. The date of his return to the competition remains to be determined.  
Head of Groupama-FDJ cycling team Medical Department
"Jake Stewart suffers from intestines inflammation. He will have to follow a treatment that will keep him away from racing, the date of return to competition will be set later on."
"Since mid-January, I have been bothered by intestinal problems, which prevented me from competing. We are looking for the best solution to cure it. During this period of time, I will not be able to race at a high level, I can train but I will not compete.

Finally, I also want to thank the specialist who is following me, Jacky Maillot and the whole team Groupama-FDJ. They listened to me and gave me time to understand what was going on. Everything is in line for me to get better and to get back to my best level.”